Procuring goods and services that support a safe, high-quality food supply is why we require accountability, commitment, quality, and service from our suppliers.  Our procurement team is aligned with the Institute for Supply Management’s Principles and Standards of Ethical Supply Management Conduct and Principles of Sustainability and Social Responsibility.  We choose to work with suppliers that share these same values.

Supplier Scorecard

In 2012, we launched a Key Supplier Quarterly Assessment that measures our packaging and ingredients suppliers’ actual performance against their stated goals for service, quality, and safety. This assessment has identified innovative product and process improvement opportunities as well as sustainable packaging and energy consumption reductions.

Supplier Quality

Since 2010, Dean Foods has required our ingredient and food-contact packaging suppliers to pursue and maintain the GFSI-recognized Safe Quality Food (SQF) Level 2 certification or equivalent. The rigors of achieving this certification enhance the safety and quality of the products suppliers place into our supply chain. Our national suppliers are also required to participate in our Supplier Non-Conformance Program, which is an online issue resolution forum that quickly alerts necessary parties to any supply-related issues and resolves them transparently. Learn more about our commitment to product quality and safety.

Supplier Partnering for Community Support

For the second straight year, Dean Foods partnered with key suppliers to support the North Texas Food Bank’s “Food 4 Kids” backpack program. Dean Foods donated milk, Tetra Pak donated unique packaging, and Gossner Foods provided aseptic processing needed to donate more than 250,000 cartons of shelf-stable milk to help feed 8,250 chronically hungry school-age children every weekend. For more information, view the full press release.



With the completed spin-off of our WhiteWave business and the sale of our Morningstar business in 2013, all sustainability metrics, going back to 2007, have been recalculated to reflect the current structure of Dean Foods.

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