Dean Foods is committed to responsibly sourcing our nondairy purchases as well. We strive to decrease our environmental impact by partnering with responsible suppliers, as well as by reducing the distance that ingredients we purchase travel. We continue to work with suppliers to identify improved sustainability practices where possible.  Starting in 2014, all major suppliers will be required to complete an annual assessment surrounding their sustainability practices and demonstrate continuous improvement around Dean Foods' stated goals. 

Sugars and Sweeteners

Our sugars and sweeteners are sourced principally from U.S. suppliers.  In some cases, suppliers rely on inputs from international sources. These sources, too, must meet our quality and sustainability expectations. 

We have reduced the environmental impact of sourcing sugars and sweeteners by decreasing delivery distances. Historically, we received sugar from suppliers on the east and west coasts. In 2009, we started buying raw sugar from more sources and began arranging the processing at multiple locations across the U.S., more closely aligning with our supply chain and greatly reducing the miles traveled to deliver sweeteners to our plants. We continue to optimize our sugar and sweetener sourcing by utilizing suppliers whose manufacturing footprint aligns with Dean Foods plant locations.

Orange Juice Concentrate

Dean Foods is the third-largest processor of orange juice in the U.S., and we conduct in-person, on-farm inspections of our suppliers. For years, the orange juice concentrate we sourced for our products came almost exclusively from Brazil through one port on the U.S. eastern seaboard. While this arrangement brought a steady, high-quality supply, the ingredients traveled long distances over the road to reach our plants in the central portion of the U.S. Today, we supplement our supply with high-quality juices from Florida, Mexico and Costa Rica through delivery at multiple ports to better align with our supply chain. These changes help us deliver orange juice concentrate more efficiently across our entire system and reduce freight miles by 32 percent. 



We purchase cocoa from leading suppliers who operate sustainable sourcing programs and are members of the World Cocoa Federation.  The World Cocoa Foundation promotes a sustainable cocoa economy through economic and social development and environmental stewardship in cocoa-growing communities. Learn more at





With the completed spin-off of our WhiteWave business and the sale of our Morningstar business in 2013, all sustainability metrics, going back to 2007, have been recalculated to reflect the current structure of Dean Foods.

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