Energy efficiency represents one of the largest opportunities for Dean Foods to reduce our environmental impact and lower our operating costs. We are investing in capabilities to monitor and record our energy consumption in real-time. This allows us to make more informed investment decisions and apply meaningful behavioral changes to improve the efficiency of our operations – all while providing necessary data to support various carbon reduction verification protocols. To date, we have installed real-time monitoring capabilities in 50 plants.

2020 Energy Goal

When Dean Foods expanded its environmental sustainability goals in 2012, we created our first energy goal, aiming to reduce our energy usage 20 percent by 2020. Although this is a new goal for us, we began measuring our energy usage in 2007, which is our baseline year. By the end of 2011, we had already reduced the amount of energy used per gallon produced by 7.2 percent.

Energy useage20082009201020112012201320142015
(MMBtu per gallon produced)
Intensity Improvement
(vs. baseline)

Reduction Projects

Through our xChange Point monitoring system we have identified more than 1,100 energy reduction projects since January 2010, and we have completed more than 450. We continue to implement these projects as resources allow.  The projects are varied in nature and relate to all the systems in our plants. 

Energy Reduction Examples 



With the completed spin-off of our WhiteWave business and the sale of our Morningstar business in 2013, all sustainability metrics, going back to 2007, have been recalculated to reflect the current structure of Dean Foods.

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