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*View information about our compliance with the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act (SB 657).

From Our CEO

RalphScozzafavaAt Dean Foods, we take pride in our role as a responsible corporate citizen – environmentally, socially, and philanthropically. We know that doing the right thing is the best thing for our business, and meeting this expectation has become a requirement to stay competitive. From reducing our carbon footprint to improving the safety of our employees, we are committed to keeping corporate responsibility an integral part of our work.

We align our responsibility initiatives with our business objectives. Although our company has changed dramatically in recent years, we have continued to focus on operating in a way that is right for us, right for consumers, right for our customers and right for the environment. To do this, we have become more efficient in the way we operate, embraced partnerships with industry experts and organizations, and expanded our culture of continuous improvement. These actions lead to more responsible and more efficient choices, which can lower our costs and improve our business.

We also continue to support programs that improve our local communities. Through the Dean Foods Foundation, we focus our giving on four key areas where we can have the greatest impact, and which align with our identity as a producer of healthy foods and beverages: ending childhood hunger, promoting nutrition education, supporting responsible agriculture, and providing disaster relief in times of need. In addition, our employees volunteer thousands of hours to charitable causes nationwide. Our management team works closely with civic and business leaders to advance policy and other initiatives that help local economies thrive and prosper.

Dean Foods is the largest processor of milk and dairy products in the U.S., and continuing our success means making the right long-term choices for all of our stakeholders. We are proud of our accomplishments, but we know we have more work to do. I encourage you to explore this website and learn more about our efforts to become a more responsible company.

Ralph Scozzafava 
CEO, Dean Foods Company


Past Reports 
View our past 2010 or 2008 Corporate Responsibility reports. 

The 2008 and 2010 reports include the contributions of The WhiteWave Foods Company Company (NYSE: WWAV) to Dean Foods sustainability metrics because Dean Foods controlled WhiteWave during such time and reflected WhiteWave as the WhiteWave-Alpro segment in its financial statements. WhiteWave became a separate publicly traded company in October 2012 and Dean Foods completed a spin-off and subsequent divestiture of its remaining ownership interests in WhiteWave during 2013. Similarly, these reports include the contributions of its prior business segment, Morningstar Foods. Dean Foods sold Morningstar Foods in early 2013.

With the completed spin-off of our WhiteWave business and the sale of our Morningstar business in 2013, all sustainability metrics throughout this site, going back to 2007, have been recalculated to reflect the current structure of Dean Foods.